If your having a hard time running or increasing your running length there may be some reasons as to why that is. Your body will adapt, as long as its not too much too soon, and if the applied stress (running) is not greater than your bodies capacity in adapting.

Over stepping your maximum capacity to adapt will result in:

  • Pain during your training
  • Pain afterwards
  • Morning stiffness

This is why we recommend a gradual increase mixed with partly walking and partly running. Following this Running Interval Program #1 will ensure that you are not stepping over what your body can handle (your max capacity). Starting slow and building up, your volume should be not increased by more than 10%.


Please see below for the first 4 weeks of the Running Interval Program #1, which lasts a total of 8 weeks long.

Running Interval Program #1 (first 4 weeks)

Week 1 Week 3  
 5’W + 3 x (1’R / 1’W) + 5’W             13 x (1’R / 1’W)
            4 x (1’R / 1’W)             14 x (1’R / 1’W)
            5 x (1’R / 1’W)             15 x (1’R / 1’W)
            6 x (1’R / 1’W)              3 x (2’R / 1’W)
            7 x (1’R / 1’W)              4 x (2’R / 1’W)
Week 2   Week 4  
            8 x (1’R / 1’W)              5 x (2’R / 1’W)
            9 x (1’R / 1’W)              6 x (2’R / 1’W)
          10 x (1’R / 1’W)              7 x (2’R / 1’W)
           11 x (1’R / 1’W)              8 x (2’R / 1’W)
          12 x (1’R / 1’W)              9 x (2’R / 1’W)
W: Regular Walk R: Run, regular jogging speed

Start and end with a 5 minute Walk. (+ 5’W)

Depending on your symptoms:

  • Go back one workout
  • Repeat the same workout
  • Skip one or two workouts

Other additives:

  • Run minimum 4 times a week and maximum 6 times a week.
  • Choose a cross-country surface without hills (firm & irregular).
  • Use a cross-training activity to complete your training regimen (bike, aqua-jogging).


Take the time to try this running program out and see if it works for you! And If your a more experienced runner that is dealing with difficulties in progressing due to an injury, we do have a Running Interval Program #2 + #3 (which are both much more advanced). Please call the clinic or book online for your initial assessment.