It’s funny how we manage our internal and external injuries very differently.

When we get an external injury like a cut, scrape, or bruise, we know what to do right away. We put on some medicine, bandage it up, and sometimes even just leave it alone to heal.

However, when we get an internal injury, for example, a shoulder injury where we can not see any blood or open skin, we treat it differently somehow. Why is that? Common sense dictates that we should leave it alone, not irritate it, and allow it to heal. But more often than not, we will repeat the movement that hurts to see if it will make the injury miraculously better. It’s no different than someone pushing on their cut from the night before, over and over again, hoping it will heal faster. So why do we do it? Who knows?

As physiotherapists, we mostly treat internal injuries, those wounds that are not readily apparent upon visual inspection. Regardless of the fact that we can’t see an obvious injury, we know ones there and we still want to make sure it’s treated properly and given the necessary time to heal.

We always recommend that if you suffer an internal injury that you rest it and take it easy for the first 24 to 48 hours. After this point, for the next week, ice should be applied and gentle movement is encouraged (pain permitting). Heat is not recommended to be applied to an acutely inflamed area.

After seeing us for treatment, a custom at-home recovery plan will be discussed as it varies depending on the patient’s injury and the treatment carried out.


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