The BC Medical Service Plan does not typically cover physiotherapy, acupunture or massage therapy.  In most cases, clients will pay for these services out of pocket or bill through private insurance.

However, the government of British Columbia offers supplementary benefits that partially cover certain medical services based on eligibility. Eligibility is determined by a number of factors, including enrollment in the MSP program, residency in British Columbia as defined by the Medicare Protection Act, and your household’s taxable income. In 2024, households with a taxable income of less than $42,000 per year qualify for these supplementary benefits.

More info  on MSP’s Supplementary Benefits

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Services MSP Supplementary Benefits Cover

How Much Does MSP Contribute?

MSP supplementary benefits cover $23 per physiotherapy, massage or acupuncture session, paid directly to the clinic. The patient is responsible for the remaining cost. MSP provides coverage for up to 10 treatments per year. Please note: the 10 treatments includes all MSP covered treatments not just physiotherapy.

Even with MSP supplementary benefits there will be some out of pocket expenses.  Click here to see our service fees.