COVID-19 Update:

As of May 19th, 2020 our clinic is currently re-open for Physiotherapy, Massage, Active Rehab (Kinesiology), and Dietitian services. We ask that you please abide by the rules below to help keep our staff and other patients safe.

Thank you!

COVID Protocols:

– Please utilize our self check-in feature to notify our clinic you have arrived

– Masks are now optional! As per BC’s guidelines in healthcare settings

– Hand sanitizer is to be used before entering the treatment rooms

– Our COVID-19 screening survey will be e-mailed 24 hours before your appointments and will need to be filled out prior to receiving treatment

– We ask that if you are sick, or are around family members who are sick, please re-schedule your appointment for 1 week later

– If you have traveled anywhere outside of Canada within the past 14 days please make sure you are tested before returning to treatment