Its that time of year again folks! The roads are icy and slippery which unfortunately causes more motor vehicle accidents… If you have been in a recent motor vehicle accident, have reported a claim, and received a claim number, then you may start physiotherapy treatment (if needed).


A little bit of information that you may want to know before getting started:

1) ICBC will usually cover up to 20 initial visits over a 4 month period. Should more treatment still be needed after completing the initial 20, a doctor’s referral is required which is then submitted to your ICBC adjuster with a request for more approved treatment.

2) ICBC only pays our clinic a portion of the regular treatment fee. We do charge a user fee from the patient which then covers the whole cost of treatment (please see our “services” section for our user fee prices).

3) Our clinic needs to know if you have a lawyer prior to starting treatment as this may change how your physiotherapist and/or admin staff is able to communicate with ICBC. If at any point during your treatment you decide to acquire a lawyer you would need to inform us of this at your earliest availability.

4) We do not offer online booking for ICBC patients as approval needs to be confirmed before the patients first visit. Should you want to receive treatment before approval is confirmed, you can pay the clinic’s private rates. Once approval is received, and the bills are turned into ICBC billings, any outstanding money gets created as a credit on the account which then goes towards future user fees.


When calling into the clinic to book please have your claim number ready! This will be needed when contacting your adjuster for approval.